Sure Step

Sure Step, The proven way for successful project implementations that meets business expectations.

MECOMS™ Sure Step is a project implementation methodology for MECOMS™ based on Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, to improve the way how Ferranti cooperates with customers and partners during the implementation and support of MECOMS™.

The Sure Step methodology offers a process-driven approach, built on existing proven practices and templates for the implementation in the Energy and Utilities sector. Sure Step includes lessons learnt from projects to implement and support MECOMS™ in an efficient way.


Why using Sure Step

When you apply Sure Step, your implementation or upgrade will be on-time, on-budget and on-spec.

With Sure Step you achieve a quick return on investment, you meet your business requirements and you are assured to meet future needs as your company evolves.

The building blocks of the Sure Step methodology

This scheme represents the building blocks of the Sure Step methodology. You will read further in this document a high level description of the ‘Solution delivery phases’, ‘project types’ and ‘cross phase processes’ and how they benefit you. 

Solution delivery phases

In Sure Step, a project is implemented in six solution delivery phases:

What will you do in each phase?

You will complete the due diligence to select the solution that meets your needs, to establish high-level expectations and budgets for the project. Key activities include Requirements and Business Process Review; Fit Gap; Project Charter and Business Case.

The Analysis phase represents the official start of the implementation with clear expectations, prepared project teams and solid requirements. Key activities include ‘detailed future business process flows’ and detailing functional- and non-functional requirements.

You will configure your solution and design customizations needed to meet your requirements.

You built, configure and test your complete solution. Coding of all required customizations is complete and ready to deploy.

You complete the user acceptance testing and sign-off and you will go live.

You close the project and you identify the need for ongoing support and transition assistance 

Project Types

MECOMS™ Sure Step enables you to implement and support the five project types as defined in the Microsoft Sure Step methodology:

The Standard project type is a lean approach to implement at a single site

The Rapid project type is an accelerated approach for implementing with minimal or no customizations

The Enterprise project type is a standardized approach for implementing in complex single-site deployments, or in a global/multi-site organization where in-country/site specific business needs have to be factored on top of a core solution

The Agile project type is an approach to implement at a single site requiring specific features and moderate-to-complex customizations.

The Upgrade project type describes the approach to progress an existing solution to a subsequent release of that solution.

Cross-phase processes

Sure Step also offers ‘cross-phase’ processes. A ‘cross-phase’ process consists of a group of related activities that span multiple implementation phases.

Why is this important?

When viewing activities by cross-phase, dependencies are highlighted within the cross phase, as well as the interdependencies with the other cross phases. Understanding the relationship between the activities in a cross phase, helps clarifying the purpose of the individual activities and this provides then each Project Team member a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities, and requirements and how they impact other team members.

The MECOMS™ Sure Step methodology offers nine cross-phase processes which are grouped in three areas: Organization, Solution and Technology.

Organization cross phase processes include

Project management covering nine disciplines: integration; scope; time; cost; quality; resource; communication; risk; procurement management
Training to have the right people trained at the right moment
Business process analysis to understand future state business processes and deliver process flows as input for fit/gap and requirements gathering

Solution cross phase processes include

Requirements and configuration to understand the functional requirements, to asses fit/gap with standard product and provide functional design
Custom coding to create technical design, build customer code and perform unit test
Quality and testing to verify that the solution meets the functional and non-functional requirements and to perform all types of tests

Technology cross phase processes include

Infrastructure to setup and maintain different project environments serving different purposes, including development, test or training
Integration and Interfaces to assure information flow between delivered solution and external systems, supporting identified business processes
Data Migration to migrate business data from existing environment to delivered system and to ensure quality of data and allow smooth transition from legacy system to new solution

MECOMS™ Customers and MECOMS™ Partners can consult further detailed information on the MECOMS™ Portal.

On the MECOMS™ Portal in the category Sure Step, you can consult following detailed information:

  • Leaflet with brief overview
  • Document with detailed description
  • Presentation explaining the structure
  • Templates and Deliverables per phase
  • Visio flow with the key deliverables per phase per role
  • Visio flow with the key activities per phase per role